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Program & Horses at HIS Ranch

We have been blessed greatly by people who have offered their horses to HIS Ranch.  We currently are home to the following horses:

Reva - Dark bay mare - thoroughbred

Noah - Bay gelding- thoroughbred/quarterhorse cross

Peyton- Quarterhorse gelding

Glory - Dark bay mare - Tennessee Walker

Victor - Bay gelding - quarterhorse

Tebow- chestnut quarterhorse gelding

Ruby- registered Clydesdale mare

Hadassah - registered Clydesdale mare

Our only requirement for children to come to HIS Ranch is that they want to be here.  Each child is required to do a chore before the riding lesson begins (unless a disability makes this difficult or impossible).  This is for several reasons.  It teaches a work ethic, gives us time to get to know them and instills a sense of ownership in the ranch. 

Riding helmets are required for all guests as well as protective footwear.  If you do not own boots or tennis shoes, we may be able to provide them for you.   Riding helmets are provided.  Please allow 1-2 hours for your visit.  We ask that the parent/counselor/etc. that brings the child please stay on-site during the lesson.  A parent or legal guardian must be present to sign paperwork at or before the first visit.

Our desire is to always pair one child with one horse and one guide at all times.  For this reason, please call ahead to schedule your visit if possible (877-HIS-RNCH).  If not, please feel free to stop in during our regular business hours and we will accommodate you as our staffing allows.  If the ranch is closed, please respect our privacy and return at a day and time when we are open.  Thank you!

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